Same Route. Different Facades. Journey to Tawang and back.

The atmosphere of the route we took while going from Dirang to Tawang and returning from Tawang to Bomdila was contradictory.

Tawang is at 9000 feet but to get there, you have to cross Sela Pass, which is 13000 feet above the ground. (No option for another route here)

The journey of getting to Tawang via Sela pass was as scenic as the sets of Narnia. There were snow covered mountains on both sides of the road blended with layers of fog, which obviously reduced the visibility around.

Foggy Mountains enroute Tawang

But yet whatever was set forth in front of us, with minimal visibility was completely MAGICAL.


In spite of the temperature being teeth chattery, I got out to make sure to take a picture next to the board that said 13,000 feet above the ground. How frozen I was after that!

Don’t miss the 13,700 signage!

The same route was filled with an interesting experience while returning back. Tawang- Seal Pass- Bomdila.

The place was now glowing with sunshine. Under bright daylight, the environment looked crystal clear.

The morning sun kissing the clustered snow goodbye

After a cold night filled with snowfall and rainfall, the morning sun kissed the clustered snow goodbye.

But like they say, never judge a book by its cover, we were oblivious about what the view was going to cost us.

It was comforting to see the sun shining, but with that came a drawback. The white snow was melting down to partner with the mud on the road either to make the journey memorable or to leave us hanging in the snow. And there was no other way to get to Bomdila.


This melted snow was now bullying our cars and making it skid. Being held captive, getting out of this situation was almost doubtful because each time our car was stuck, our driver had to ask people to help him push the car while he accelerated.

Stuck in between


As this was a one-way road, vehicles had to Stop. Help. Push. Move. These vehicles included- cars, tempos, trucks, sumos and military trucks.

The locals of Arunachal were really co-operative, they would get out of the way and help with pushing the car. They would dirty their hands by collecting mud to put under the car tyre so that the car would by saved from skidding. In -3 degrees they were ready to face anything!


In between all this chaos, we had with a red Maruti zen with two male drivers. Now, their car would act pricey and just refuse to move ahead. So every time they were stuck, they would both get out push the car, the car would get excited and starts moving ahead by itself while these two try running on the snow chasing the car, to get back in the driver’s seat.

What a sight this was!

To spice things up a little, nature decided to embrace us with a snow storm. Armed with all the winter wear we had, anxiety filled our stomachs, as we saw the opaque snow particles fly past us. We were all numb and our car was at a standstill, almost like there was an inspection going on.

There was no chance to get out of the car. STUCK!

Just something I did while waiting for clear roads


30 minutes of silently watching the snow storm and being awestruck passed just fine. We even saw the lake that was partially frozen in the middle of sharp snowy mountains.

Sela Lake- A view to the eye


I was amazed by the view that laid ahead of me! I was quiet and only thinking of how beautiful could the world get! GOSH!

We got moving and reached Sela Pass. It looked safe. (That’s what we thought)

After controlling our pee for four hours, we like smart ass people took a pit stop to pee exactly at Sela pass.

Without any anticipation of the weather outside, I opened the car door to get out, and the car door swung in the direction of the wind, so hard, I thought we were going to make the rest of the journey without the car door on my side.

The freezing blows were something I have never experienced in my life. Snow flying in every direction!

Even the bathroom had frozen water jammed from the tap to the bucket. HILARIOUS!


All in all, we survived and reached safely to Bomdila. A lot of travellers who had taken tempos were stuck in snow for almost 8 hours without any water or food!

We took back with us some memories.


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