Arunachal Pradesh Literally Swept me Off my Feet

Finding a low and terrain is almost out of imagination in this enchanting state of Arunachal Pradesh. If there’s one state in India where I’d like to settle it would be in one of these deep valleys.

House of Clouds

On the Hills of Arunachal Pradesh- House of Clouds

Where else can you locate an area that has clouds for company, it is simply heaven. Even though your hands and feet are numb, teeth are chattering and your body has become a formidable shop of winter wear clothes, it is all worth it.


The soil here is so fertile that I spotted gardening in almost all households. These are not just restricted to flowers but also oranges and kiwis.

Stream on the way from Dirang to Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh

Every time we took a turn on the wavy roads of the mountain, my ears were filled with the soothing sound of streams that would collide with the stones only to flow in a pristine manner.

Bumpy Mountain Ride

Roads here could use some improvement, it is all work in progress but until then it’s a bumpy ride. Since there are only mountains, I was overwhelmed with a rollercoaster ride.


Like my uncle once said, ‘It is the not the destination but the journey that has to be beautiful’

Transported into another World

As we advanced to greater heights, the mountains turned into a magical grey. Unreal. The grass and the pine trees were quoted with a husky white layer of snow. But the snow was partial and covered only the areas that impressed it. The scenic view from Sela Pass (13,700 Feet)to Tawang was a combination of brown and white almost like cookies and cream.

Cookie and Cream at Sela Pass, Arunachal Pradesh

In such an ambience, only a steaming hot cup of tea is the fuel to our body. I wanted to feel the rushing cold wind on my hand, sadly they were covered with glows.

Surprising Elements

Due to lack of facilities, an entire town or village here is run on a hydroelectric plant. They are only fortunate enough to receive electricity for 6 hours a day. Whoa!

My local posers

Coming from a metropolitan city, judging by their attires of the local, I thought they lived in destitute. In fact, it is just the opposite. They’re all well dressed and modern, residing in houses that are built on mountains where only wooden logs are their foundation. The panoramic view of their houses looks like a well-planned prism. Bright coloured outer walls, balcony with flower pots and view that would be envied by all.

And it Swept me off my Feet!

If you’ve been to Arunachal Pradesh and had a similar experience don’t forget to share it!


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